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Increase Your Share

Turn heads at point of purchase and your product will get noticed more quickly with Cool-Ads™ products. It's all about catching attention while customers are in the area.

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Increase Sales

Customers will spend more at point of purchase with Cool-Ads™ handles creating a desire for your products. Sieze the opportunity to create interest in your products.

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Time Is Precious

With more and more constraints on personal free time, decisions are made quickly. Ensure customers pick YOUR product instead of another by grabbing attention quickly with Cool-Ads™ products such as the Digital Handle Kit.

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We Make It Easy

Cool-Ads™ handles fit standard cooler doors and install simply with just a screwdriver. Plus, our innovative design allows you to change ads easily and inexpensively to maximize exposure to your products.

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Cool-Ads™ Digital

Cool-Ads™ Digital

Dude! Get A Handle On It!

  • Cool-Ads™ is the leader in price effective POP merchandising. We provide the new display generation. The displays significantly increases customer awareness and sales. The displays are sturdy and are easily mounted on any cooler door.
    With 70-80% of purchase decisions made in the store the most critical place to grab attention and affect purchasing decisions is in front of the products. It is proven that Cool-Ads™ have a major impact on sales and brand awareness. Sales have been seen to increase for 34% to 79% in recent surveys. With Cool-Ads™ unique POP vehicle, cooler based advertising and marketing have finally moved into the 21st century.
  • Cool-Ads™ Polymer HandleCool-Ads™ is a leader in the industry, offering you affordable ways to advertise your product right on the cooler door. With fool proof installation in minutes, ads are easily changed, and do not require any tools or screws. In minutes you have fresh new advertisements right at the point of purchase.
  • Cool-Ads™ Digital Handle KitYou have nothing to lose but the opportunity to increase brand awareness and sales for your company! Would you like to kick the tires? We make it easy to try it out before making a big committment. CLICK HERE and for a minimal fee you can request a sample. Don't wait too long ... your customers are just around the corner (of the cooler doors) ready to make a purchase!

    Cool-Ads™ Polymer HandleWe’ve got a handle on your cooler Point-Of-Sale. Cool-Ads™ is the affordable way to advertise your product right on the cooler door. Be the only image in the shoppers head when they reach inside the cooler. Fool proof installation in minutes, ads are easily changed and do not require any tools or screws. Cool-Ads™ is the only one of its kind in the point of purchase business. In minutes you have fresh and new advertisements right at the point of purchase.

    Cool-Ads™ Sound and Light ModuleBe the only image in your shoppers head when they reach into the cooler. The Digital Handle Kit with a bright LED back-lit panel with your graphics assures your message will stand out from all of the others. The Cool-Ads™ Digital Handle Kit provides a cost-effective way to handle your cooler door advertising. Using AA batteries in an easy to access compartment means this marketing tool not only stands out, but it is economical and easy to maintain.

    Cool-Ads™ Polymer HandleWe didn't forget your budget when we designed our products. Take advantage of our 30+ years of retailing experience. Cool-Ads™ handles are designed so that ad sheets can be updated by our customers. The endcaps can be re-ordered and swapped out as needed. Accessories can be installed in seconds to change the display.

We are proud to be an official supplier of our products to these fine companies:

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