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Market Watch: One Source Specialties Introduces Cool-Ads™ EL Handles

August 20, 2013
Market Watch

Irvine, Calif., August 20, 2013…. One Source Specialties, LLC, (OSS), a division of One Source Industries, LLC (OSI), a leading provider of global supply chain managed solutions for point-of-purchase displays, product packaging and promotional programs, today introduced its Cool-Ads™ electroluminescent (EL) handle technology to the market. Cool-Ads™ EL Handles complements OSI’s Cool-Ads™ brand advertising handles that fit onto cooler doors for chilled products in big-box stores, convenience stores and food retailers.

"Imagine a shopper walking up to a cooler door and as they approach it, the handle begins a lighting sequence illuminating the various graphic elements of the ad. The light catches the shopper’s eye and draws attention to your product inside the cooler. Most people will get the subliminal sensory message and reach for the product being advertised on the handle," said Joe Baksha, President and CEO of OSI. "There are hundreds of products in the refrigerated cases of grocery and convenience stores. Advertisers have just three seconds to catch the attention of a shopper and set their product apart – that’s exactly what our one-of-a-kind Cool-Ads™ EL handles do."

Studies show that 80% of all purchasing decisions are made just three feet from the product. Consistent with this theory, the lights in Cool-Ads™ EL Handles are triggered by a sensor when movement is detected within three feet of the handle.

"Cool-Ads™ EL Handle is the only electronic advertising format of its kind that utilizes the innovative EL lighting technology. In fact, there are only two factories in the world capable of producing this level of EL lighting," said Larry English, President of Wild August, the developer and manufacturer of Cool-Ads™. "This is no ordinary lighting source, but luminescent fibers that are seen very clearly even in well-lit environments. This unique lighting technique is more cost-effective than LED lighting, is battery powered and can be used to light up any graphic or display."

"Cool-Ads™ advertising is proven to lift sales from 34% to 79%. Cool-Ads™ EL Handles takes this one step further by going beyond one-dimensional ads and providing a multi-sensory shopping experience. By incorporating the visual element of the light, along with sight and touch, Cool-Ads™ EL Handles engages the senses to draw consumers to products and increase sales," added Baksha. "In a master thesis study conducted at the Stockholm School of Economics, electronic displays were proven to influence customer associations and intentions, resulting in a 64% increase in customers picking up a product and putting it in their shopping basket."

Cool-Ads™ EL Handles fit any cooler door with easy installation and a user-friendly design that allows simple battery replacement without taking apart or removing the handle. In addition, Cool-Ads™ EL Handles refresh kits allow advertisers to change the graphics without needing to purchase a completely new handle.

Cool-Ads™ EL Handles is the next evolution of Cool-Ads™ handles. Cool-Ads™ is an attractive and highly effective point-of-purchase advertising format that fits onto cooler doors. For more information on Cool-Ads, please visit