Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Our sample pack enables you to compare the (2) materials our handles are constructed of, and the (6) different clips allows you to be able to field test any existing cooler handle for best match.

Our “J” clip is the standard covering 80% of the USA market. The “Z” & “ZC” are specific to Full Length
Door Handles, and the “C”, “SQ” and “F”cover the balance of the marketplace.


Entry Door Mounted Advertising Handle


Creates valuable advertising space. Heavy Duty unit can be retrofitted to fit any standard curved tubular handle entry set without any drilling or machining to your existing set.
Also available with new factory fit curved tubular handle piece or set. Click here to learn more...


New or Retrofit Advertising Handle for Inset Handles

New or Retrofit Advertising Handle for Inset Handles

Designed for specific inset handles by cooler brand. Sales Lifts for the products or brands
being advertised at a rate of 34-79% as reported for all Cool-Ads™ handle products.
Easy 2 Minute Installation with no drilling. Click here to learn more...


Digital Bright Backlit LED Graphics

New for 2015! Bright Backlit Graphics

Command your shoppers’ attention and drive sales higher with sensory messaging. Backlit LEDs are incorporated into a design structure that diffuses light across the entire panel. Create whatever messages/designs you want. They print easily on inexpensive transparent sheets and can be installed within seconds. A motion detector module controls the automatic on/off and sleep functions. Battery powered using 8 AA batteries located in an easily accessible compartment Click here to learn more...


Partition Clamps.

New for 2015! Partition Clamps lets you place Cool-Ads almost anywhere in your store!

There’s no better time to message to consumers than when they're standing in front of your product. Cool-Ads enable you to display advertising on cooler door handles. New Partition Clamps take Cool-Ads to the next level. The innovative design of these versatile clamps enable you to place advertising on just about any fixture in the store. Click here to learn more...

Improved Handle Design in Aluminum or Polymer.

New Handle For 2014

  • One piece Locking Bottom End Cap and integral Plastic cover...cannot be removed to prevent loss and costly parts replacements.
  • Top end cap is removable for ad changes
  • Both end caps have a 90 degree lip to cover unsightly ad cut lines
  • The lip strengthens the top end cap to prevent any breakage during ad replacement process
  • Available for both NEW handles and as replacement parts for existing handles