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Introducing the Sample Pak

Now: A Handle Sample Pack!

Sample Pack

Our sample pack enables you to compare the (2) materials our handles are constructed of, and the;(6) different clips allows you to be able to field test any existing cooler handle for best match.

Our "J" clip is the standard covering 80% of the USA market. The "Z" & "ZC" are specific to Full Length
Door Handles, and the "C", "SQ" and "F"cover the balance of the marketplace.

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Innovation from Cool-AdsTM!

Product Brochure: Cool-Ads™ Entry Door Mounted Advertising Handle

Display your Brand, Products, Logo, Store Info or Promotions at the point of entry…the busiest interactive point in your business Foolproof installation in minutes. Ads are easily changed with a simple hex wrench (supplied). In minutes you have fresh communications as your customers enter your store.

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New or Retrofit Advertising Handle for Inset Handles

The affordable way to communicate with your customers!

Cool-Ads™ Handles: New or Retrofit Advertising Handle for Inset Handles
Designed for specific inset handles by cooler brand. Sales Lifts for the products or brands being advertised at a rate of 34-79% as reported for all Cool-Ads™ handle products. Easy 2 Minute Installation with no drilling.   Click here to learn more...

New & Improved for 2018!

Backlit LED Ad Handle

Backlit LED Ad Handle: New & Improved for 2018!

Sleeker, easier to use, longer battery life, attention grabbing graphics display. Cool-Ads™ Handles: Backlit LED Ad Handle
Command your shoppers' attention and drive sales higher with sensory messaging. Our newest PIR motion detector preset for 3 feet (1 meter) controls on/off function with amazing accuracy. The easily accessible battery compartment now holds 12 AA batteries. Together with our patented circuitry, you can get up to 4 months battery life without a battery charge (Alkaline or Lithium). Super bright using 26 powerful LEDs lighting the superb reverse UV ad that produces a vibrant image sure to grab consumer attention. Click here to learn more...

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Cool-Ads Partition Clamps

Now, place Cool-Ads™ just about anywhere!

Cool-Ads™ Handles: Partition Clamps There's no better time to message to consumers than when they're standing in front of your product. Cool-Ads enable you to display advertising on cooler door handles. New Partition Clamps take Cool-Ads to the next level. The innovative design of these versatile clamps enable you to place advertising on just about any fixture in the store. Click here to learn more...
Stand Out

Stand out from the rest!

Cool-Ads™ Handles: Stand Out Cool-Ads can help make your product stand out at the time of purchase. We are here to handle all of your point of sale needs. With our unique and affordable handles you're guaranteed to have an extremely effective POP campaign. You can be the only image in the shoppers head when they reach inside the cooler. Click here to learn more...
Aluminum Handle

Our standard handle: easy fast installation.

Cool-Ad™ Handles: Aluminum This is our standard advertising handle product. Take advantage of this wonderful point of sale advertising opportunity. You can be the only image in the shoppers head when they reach inside the cooler. Installation is extremely easy, ads can be easily changed, and there is no special tools required. In minutes you have fresh and new advertisements right at the point of purchase. Click here to learn more..
Polymer Handle

Available in a wide-array of colors!

Cool-Ads™ Handles: Polymer This is a new and cost efficient method for your point of purchase advertising needs. This is the affordable way to advertise your product right on the cooler door. Be the only image in the shoppers head when they reach inside the cooler. Fool proof installation in minutes, ads are easily changed and do not require any tools or screws. Click here to learn more...
Cool-Ads Branded End Cap

Low cost and long-life brand protection.

Cool-Ads™ Handles: Branded End Caps (BEC) These end caps offer you low cost and long life brand protection. The Branded End system fits over the ad and acrylic sheet leaving 12" of visible advertising room! Made of durable materials, the logos are vibrant and detailed. They can be either raised or silk screened depending on complexity and the number of colors. The BECs lock in place and deter pilferage of ads. Click here to learn more...