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Introducing the Sample Pak

Our sample pack enables you to compare the (2) materials our handles are constructed of, and the (6) different clips allows you to be able to field test any existing cooler handle for best match.

Our “J” clip is the standard covering 80% of the USA market. The "Z" & "ZC" are specific to Full Length Door Handles, and the "C", "SQ" and "F" cover the balance of the marketplace.

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Sample Pak

Get a Handle on Your Advertising!

Cool-Ads™… The leader in price effective POP merchandising.

We provide the new display generation. The displays significantly increases customer awareness and sales. The displays are sturdy and are easily mounted on any cooler door.



Cool-Ads™ is the culmination of over 30 years in Retailing experience.

The focus is an inexpensive and efficient style of POP advertising and branding for big box, convenience stores and food retailers.

Cool-Ads™ can be fitted to any cooler door handle quickly and easily in 1-5 minutes. There are only 2 bolts and nuts needed, and tools are a Phillips head screwdriver and an open or closed end wrench.

Ads are easily changed and do not require any tools or screws. This is possible due to our unique end cap system. The only one of its kind in the POP business.

Cool-Ads Get a Handle on Your Advertising!

Ads can be professionally printed on any medium or can be locally printed with any good quality printer. Working ad size is 4.375" x 14". Therefore 2 ads can be printed and cut from a single standard 11" x 14" sheet.

Recent surveys have shown a 79% lift in sales by using this type of POP advertising, as it is the last thing the consumer sees and touches before entering the cooler selection.

We are proud to be a supplier of our products to Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, and Coca Cola.

Cool-Ads Official Supplier to Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, and Coca Cola