Branded End Cap

Cool-Ads™ Branded End Cap

Cool-Ads Branded End Cap


Low Cost, Long Life Brand Protection The Branded End Cap now gives continued ownership to brands that invest in the program!

Cool-Ads™ is the only one of its kind in the point of purchase business. In minutes The Branded End Cap system fits over the ad and acrylic sheet and leaves 12" of visible advertising room! Made of durable materials, the logos are vibrant and detailed. Either raised or silkscreened depending on complexity and number of colors. The BEC locks in place and deter pilferage of ads.

  •  Easy to Attach. Quick to Catch Attention.
  •  Fool proof installation in a minute or less to existing Cool-Ads™ handle
  •  Customized with YOUR LOGO or brand name
  •  Logo grabs attention and helps build brand loyalty
  •  Silkscreened with your message and graphics
  •  Low Cost, Long Life Brand Protection
  •  The BEC lock in place and deter pilferage of ads

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