Backlit LED Ad Handle

Cool-Ads™ Backlit LED Ad Handle

Backlit LED Ad Handle

Energize your P.O.P. advertising and increase sales with sensory messaging.

Bring your P.O.P. advertising out of the dark ages with beautiful backlit LED graphics.

Command your shoppers' attention and drive sales higher with sensory messaging. Backlit LEDs are incorporated into a design structure that diffuses light across the entire panel.

Our newest PIR motion detector preset for 3 feet (1 meter) controls on/off function with amazing accuracy. The easily accessible battery compartment now holds 12 AA batteries. Together with our patented circuitry, you can get up to 4 months battery life without a battery charge (Alkaline or Lithium). Super bright using 26 powerful LEDs lighting the superb reverse UV ad that produces a vibrant image sure to grab consumer attention.

  •  Install within seconds
  •  A motion detector module controls the automatic on/off and sleep functions
  •  Battery powered using 12 AA batteries
  •  Batteries located in an easily accessible compartment
  •  Attaches to any cooler door handle

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