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Western Grocer: Cool-Ads Handles Now Available for International Distribution

July 11, 2012
Western Grocer

– Cool-Ads™, a division of Wild August LLC™, today announced the availability of Cool-Ads handles for international distribution. Cool-Ads handles are an economical, engaging and highly effective POP advertising product that easily fits onto cooler doors for chilled products in big-box stores, convenience

stores and food retailers. In addition, Cool Ads™ is announcing a contest in celebration asking viewers to identify a unique character featured in both the Cool Ads™ promo video and a popular LMFAO music video.
Cool-Ads™ handles position ads so that they are the last thing a customer sees and touches before making a purchasing decision. With over 70 percent of purchase decisions made in the store, Cool-Ads™ handles grab
the attention of customers in the most important place—in front of the products—increasing customer awareness and sales.

"We studied the effectiveness of Cool-Ads™ handles in a test with our major branded clients, and the results were amazing," said Larry English, President of Wild August, the developer and manufacturer of Cool-Ads™. "We saw a sales increase of 35 percent or more with the use of Cool-Ads™, which sell for a fraction of the cost of other POP options."

In celebration of the distribution, Cool-Ads™ is holding a contest asking viewers to identify a character who is featured in both a LMFAO music video as well as the Cool-Ads handles video available here:

For more information on the contest please visit

Cool-Ads™ handles fit any size cooler door handle with a one to five minute installation as simple as tightening two bolts. Printed advertising inserts slide into the Cool-Ads™ frame using the unique Cool-Ads endcap system without tools or screws, making it quick and easy for merchandisers to change features and promotions. Ads can be printed professionally or locally, and two ads can be printed and cut
from a single 11-by-14 inch sheet. For additional information, free templates to create custom advertising
inserts and to request a free Cool-Ads sample, please visit

About Wild August LLC™
Wild August LLC, a product development company and a consulting resource for Asian sourcing and manufacturing, holds patents and the trademark for Cool-Ads™. It was founded by Larry English who has
more than 35 years of Asian manufacturing and import experience. Wild August’s products can be found on the shelves of major retail stores worldwide. The company maintains a 15-person quality control team that oversees all activities in the contract factories where it
does business.