Custom Branded Coolers

Cool-Ads™ Custom Branded Coolers

Cool-Ads™ has taken a giant leap forward and have created a multi level offering from our Custom Shop to you. In an effort to bring your brand into the spotlight, you can choose from our Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages inside of our 3 suggest sizes - the sizes that work at retail.

You simply choose a size and package, submit your art, and we deliver your cooler ready to plug in, direct from our factory to you. For signage we have our Patented Handle with every cooler, be it paper insert, LED Backlit or Video Player with a USB refresh.

To sweeten the pie, you still have options on top of the Packages. You can add LED door lighting, or LED glass door signage, for example. The sky is the limit at Cool-Ads Custom Shop.

Custom Brand Coolers Custom Brand Coolers