Custom Retail Displays

Cool-Ads™ Custom Retail Displays

Custom Retail Displays

We utilize advanced machinery for consistent quality products, including robotics, lasers, Cad Cam etc.

In house Mold Shop, wood shop, paint shop with a powder coating specialty are all in house owned and operated.

All printing, graphic applications, electrical, simple electronics, & packaging as per your specifications.

Highly experienced team of Kaizen trained engineers will turn your drawings into your reality.

METALS - Latest German engineered high speed laser cutting equipment will handle any metal with least possible waste and exact cuts. Precision automation results in cost efficacy and peerless quality. We use Robotic Welders to product excellent results on every joint, flawlessly and consistently.

INJECTION MOLDING - Our mold shop designs, builds, and produces your parts at a fraction of comparative expense. We guarantee that we will repair and maintain your molds at no cost to you.

ACRYLIC - Cut by laser or CAM and laser engraved, or any other decoration required. Gluing, edge cuts and decorations have super clean edges. All colors and materials based on your designs.

WOOD - We utilize CAD/CAM for our wood shop production, inside of a segregated hospital clean cutting and sanding area. All wood finishes available as you specify. We can integrate wood with any other material to achieve your goals.