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Move to Las Vegas & FREE SHIPPING!

We are pleased to announce the Company’s move to Las Vegas, Nevada from our Chicago home. We will surely miss it all! To celebrate we are offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS RECEIVED BY JULY 26, 2017! Visit our website to view our innovative and proven Point-of-Purchase products.

Las Vegas is blossoming with new high tech businesses and is well known to be a cost-effective distribution hub. Government is pro-business, no state taxes, low cost of real estate, and lower costs of freight and handling. We join Amazon, Tesla and a growing list of Fortune 500 companies as well as a burgeoning start up and incubator center.

We now have a distribution center here to focus on the change to self-distribution. That means improved pricing and customer service for our valued customers, as well as direct interaction with us, the factory owners. We also have a new freight program to enhance delivery speed and cost.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you during your trade show visits, and offer walk-thrus of our new facilities.

Drinks are on me here in the Entertainment Capital of the world….maybe catch a Raiders game in our new Dome?

Viva Las Vegas!
Larry English
Wild August LLC

The Dude wonders ...

The Dude says I'm confused by so many choices!

It may not look like it, but the handle ad is like magic. I dont even have to think about what to buy. Smart move for the guys who own the ad. I bet the competition is pissed...they dont have a shot at my money...ha! My mom says the best things are the simple ones....maybe thats why she loves me....hmmmm.

Reports show up to 79% sales lifts with Cool-Ads POP ads.

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