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Reuters: New Cool-Ads Clip for Full-Length Cooler Door Handles

Sep 17, 2012

Company expands product line with patented new clip that attaches highly effective point-of-purchase advertising onto full-length cooler door handles

One Source Specialties, LLC, (OSS), a division of One Source Industries, LLC (OSI), a leading provider of global supply chain managed solutions for point-of-purchase displays, product packaging and promotional programs, today announced the introduction of Cool-Ads™ FL Clips that fit highly effective cooler-door advertising onto full-length door handles. OSS is the U.S. distributor for Cool-Ads™ handles, a product of Wild August LLC. The new FL Clip expands the attractive and highly effective Cool-Ads™ point-of-sale advertising format to more types of chilled-product coolers.

"We’ve experienced great success with the original Cool-Ads™ handles for traditional in-store coolers. This revolutionary marketing tool puts ads right on cooler doors, so that they are the last thing customers see before making a purchasing decision," said Joe Baksha, President and CEO of OSS. "This cooler-door advertising technique puts us at the forefront of in-store marketing and has the potential to improve sales.”

"The original Cool-Ads™ handles are designed for traditional coolers with a handle centered on the frame of the door. However, some of the latest coolers now being installed in newly constructed grocery and convenience stores feature full-length handles, such as the popular Anthony and Ardco doors. When we saw the growth in sales of this type of cooler, we immediately began developing a clip that would extend the Cool-Ads™ unique point-of-purchase concept to coolers with full-length handles," said Larry English, President of Wild August, the developer and manufacturer of Cool-Ads™.

The FL Clips attach around the curvature of the handle using a specially-designed compression system. They are made of silicon-injected plastic to allow for both flexibility and durability. Printed advertising inserts slide into the Cool-Ads™ frame, making it easy for merchandisers to change features and promotions. Like the original Cool-Ads™ handles, the new FL clip handles are inexpensive and easy to install.

"Now with the new FL Clip design, the revolutionary Cool-Ads™ point-of-sale tool can fit on virtually any cooler door," added English.

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About Wild August LLC™

Wild August LLC, a product development company and a consulting resource for Asian sourcing and manufacturing, holds the patent and trademark for Cool-Ads™. It was founded by Larry English who has more than 35 years of Asian manufacturing and import experience. Wild August’s products can be found on the shelves of major retail stores worldwide. The company maintains a 15-person quality control team that oversees all activities in the factories where it does business.